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kimball appliance parts



BAKE - This brings on the bottom element for cooking in the traditional way.
Example: When baking a casserole, banana bread that is dense, or something in a dish with high sides.
Conv Bake - This uses the bottom element again, plus, the convection fan, great for baking pizza, applie pie. Use with a pizza stone.
TRU CONV- Uses the convection fan plus the element around the fan behind the baffle at the back of the oven. True convection lets you cook on all levels at the same time without cross-over of flavor and odor.
Example: Three trays of cookies or rolls baked at the same time will come out cooked exactly the same, at the same time.
One tray of salmon and one tray of rolls baked in the oven together (placed at the appropriate time for cooking) will come out with the rolls not tasting or smelling like fish when using tru conv.
This mode is also excellent for roasting; putting your chicken, pork, or beef, etc... onto the broiler pan (uncovered) in tru convection, will sear the outside of the meat and cook through evenly from the outside in, allowing all the juices, flavor, and nutrients to remain inside the meat.
CONV ROAST Works similar to the Tru Conv for rasting with the added searing throughout the cooking. If you have the Auto Roast feature, you turn your temperature to 350 degrees to roast, it will spike your temperature to 100 degrees above set point, then return to your original setting to continue cooking.
Using the meat probe ( if provided by your model) is another great tool. Preheat your oven, prepare your roast/chicken and put the probe into the fleshiest part of the meat so atleast one inch of the probe is covered by the meat (do not touch the bone), then set the probe to your desired temperature, once the heat reaches the meat at the end of the probe it will start to register the actual temperature during the cooking period. Once the roast is finished, remove from the oven cover and let it "rest" for atleast 10-15 minutes to settle the juices.
CONV BROIL - Uses the infrared broiler plus the convection. if you want to broil a piece of fish that will break up if you flip it over, this mode will allow you to broil, cooking it through without flipping it over.
Hi, Med, Low Broil - Is designed to accomodate the food you place in the oven to broil; by your selection it will turn on the amount of heat needed for what you're cooking. Closed door broiling.
CLEANING - Always remove the racks before using self clean, roller-glide racks have bearings that will melt during a self clean mode. Clean the glass prior to self cleaning, use a straight edge blade to scrape any stuck on bits. Remember to clean up excessive spills to avoid smoking in the oven.